An opportunity to unwind,
relax and rejuvenate
your creativity

What People Are Saying About Studio 27 Arts:

Lisa Miller -- This is a great place to bring your kids! My daughter Katie absolutely loves doing art with "her" art teacher and loves the new studio! Thank you Jamielle and Cindy for teaching our kids and helping their creative minds grow!!!


Lee Harris Haywood-- - Get creative and go paint with some awesome DCS art teachers!


Joyce Shields --  - This is a great way to be creative and have fun with your friends. Jamielle and Cindy were welcoming and they guided and encouraged us every step of the way.


Tammy Surratt --  - This is a great place to let your hidden talents shine. Jamielle and Cindy are both professional and patient at teaching you to paint a masterpiece in such a short time. So much fun and a great place to fellowship with friends.


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